Avoid cheap flat irons!

Flat irons! Indeed a girl’s best stylist. It is a well-known fact that appearance of a person is defined or ruined by the hair style he or she sports. A great hairstyle is the result of a good hair styling gadget. In hair styling gadgets flat iron is the one that will never go out of vogue.  But before you launch a major market hunt for a perfect flat iron, let me remind you that you should never fall for a cheap flat iron.

I can convince you on this argument of mine. Here are my reasons-

Cheap materials of construction

The manufacturers of cheap flat irons also earn profits. Believe me! When they are out there to make return on their products, they definitely need to cut down on the cost of production. It is done by assembling the flat iron units using cheap components. And you know what happens when foundation is weak. A poorly assembled flat iron with low quality components will make an unreliable and non-dependable product. You know what you need to do with such appliance. Of course never give them a look!


Unreliable Settings

When you are so conscious about the beauty products you use in form of cosmetics, how can you be so ignorant about the relationship of cost and quality of an appliance? Yes, a cheap flat iron will never give you the needed control on heating and styling. With improper settings you will not be able to set it to the suitable temperature for your hair. With such an appliance you may end up with a damaged mane. Sometime such appliances drastically change the basic structure of your hair. And in such cases you may have to take some cosmetic or medical help to recover from the damage caused with a cheap fat iron.


Prone to frequent breakdowns

You cannot depend on the operation of a cheap flat iron. If it is a very important day at your workplace or personal life, the success of the day surely depends on your appearance and looks. With a cheap flat iron you may never know when it breakdowns and leaves you in the lurch. And otherwise too it may make you spend a lot more than its actual cost on the frequent repairs.

In short…

So, if some cheap offers are tempting you to buy a low-priced flat iron, stop and think. You must weigh the features offered with the price tag. If you are looking for the best flat iron and if you satisfied with the assurance of performance, reliability, dependability, operations, settings and styling options in the said price, don’t hesitate to buy it.



Where to place the baby’s crib



So, your bundle of joy is finally arriving soon and you have already readied up the nursery to welcome your newborn in your home and your life. Among many things in a baby’s nursery the most important one is the crib. The first step I recommend is reading crib reviews that will help you to choose the best product for your needs and budget.  The second stage is finding the right place to put a crib ( this can be a matter of argument between the future mom and dad). If you two are still not able to get an amiable consensus on this issue, let me help you with a few key factors to consider. I am sure you will be able to sort out this problem after reading through my written thoughts.


  • Place the crib in a well ventilated room to ensure that the baby’s space gets regular flow of fresh air.
  • Do not place the crib just next to a wall. You should be able to move around on all sides of the crib to handle the baby easily. This will also make sure that your baby is safe from a wall crawling insect accidently falling in the crib.
  • Keep the baby crib about two meters away from the window. This way you will protect you baby from the direct sunlight. An accidental crash of the window pane will not be good for the baby. Some of you may be living in an area frequented by thunderstorms or lightening. If such is your case, then it could be very frightening for your baby who is lying in crib just near the window.zxc
  • Do not keep the crib near curtains, hanging cords or any other kind of hanging support. Babies grow really fast and develop new skills with each passing day. You will never know when your baby has learnt to climb out of the crib with the help of a curtain or any other support for that matter. Moreover curtains are a hub of dust and other allergens. A baby having an easy access to curtain is prone to acquire an allergy.
  • No direct light should fall on the crib, because it may get a bit uncomfortable to a sleeping baby


So, these are some suggestions about where not to put the baby crib. You must keep the crib in the middle of room away from any hanging chandeliers or fans, to be easily accessible from all sides. Keep a few colorful toys hanging above the crib to let your baby look at them if she wakes up in the middle of night and your sleep.



How to find a cheap GPS unit?

GPS units are one of the most useful car gadgets that I think every car owner must install in his most cherished driving vehicle. They not only make driving convenient but also ensure safety in certain subtle ways.

I am writing this piece with some advices and suggestions on buying the best GPS units without spending exaggeratingly.

The cost of GPSs’ range between $100 for basic models to $900 and more for real high-end GPS units. However one must wisely spend money strictly according to the requirements and not on the basis of how the salesperson impresses you. If you don’t drive too much or too far, then you may go for a basic model with a few fundamental features. You can also look for used GPS units.

If you are interested to see which are the best GPS units in 2017 here are some suggestions of quality models in the low-end line:

Tom Tom Go 50 : One of the most affordable basic models (costs just $79.50) under the reliable name of Tom Tom brands’ Go series, this model features a 5 inch decent screen with a preloaded US map and lifetime map update at again an affordable monthly fees. It comes with a three month free trial traffic update, after which you may buy them on a cheap monthly fees.


Garmin Nuvi 57 : The second most affordable yet standard quality GPS model, is best for the fundamental users wishing for no extra frills.  Garmin being a reliable brand always offers best products at the deserving prices. The Nuvi series is already very popular and at just $95, this Nuvi entry level model features preloaded maps of 49 lower US states. However, it lacks lifetime map update feature and you’ll require buying it every year.


Tom Tom Go 50 S : The higher version of Go 50, Tom Tom Go 50 S, is available at an affordable price of  $99. At this affordable cost, it offers preloaded maps of the entire North America and also includes free maps and traffic updates for life time, which makes it best in its range. Moreover it also offers a 3D map facility as well which helps you determine the height of the surrounding landmarks.


The only con of all the above models is that they don’t possess features of best GPS units out there. But that is fair enough as well because these are strictly under budget and feature solid quality basics.

Don’t know how to use a radar detector?

A radar detector is simply a radio wave receiving device (receiver) that is set on the same frequency as of a police radar gun, so that it receives only the waves from radar guns and nowhere else. It receives the radar gun’s signal and then alarms you to slow down before being caught. This is the fundamental mechanism of a radar detector.  Seems easy? But it’s actually not, for many people.


A radar detector can be very useful if you know how to use it, but on the same hand it can also be very harmful if don’t. Here is a quick guide for all you beginners, to help you learn to get all the benefits from a radar detector.


First thing that I would like to suggest you is to buy only a quality radar detector. Your radar detector must be sensitive only for radar gun’s signals and not for all the other waves in the atmosphere out there. Moreover, a good radar detector must be sensitive enough to locate signals from little farther and not just alarm you when the traffic cops are right in front of you.


My second advice is to mount the radar in a proper position. Avoid mounting it too high and try mounting it under some shade. Usually the cops point radar guns at the front license plate or headlamps. So mount the detector somewhere in that line for efficient detection.

When to depend on it and when to not

As you use a radar detector, it is very important to remain alert and also use it smartly. Remember, a radar detector only detects and alarms, that’s it. After which everything is up to you.

Depend on a radar detector only when you are moving in a decent traffic and there are enough vehicles around. In such situations the radar detects the speed but it takes a while for them to determine the vehicle. In this case you get enough time to slow down.


However if your are driving in negligible traffic and you are at easily sight-able position, then it is prudent to drive in the limit and not depend on radar detector because the police radar guns will detect and catch you easily and quickly without giving time to your detector raise a second to alarm.

Merely plugging in the detector to achieve immunity is stupid. It is important understand the mechanism of a radar detector, it’s power, and combining it with smart and logical driving is something that will save you from tickets.

The Canon VIXIA HF R72 Camcorder – First Impressions

The Canon VIXIA HF R72 is the higher (and latest) version of VIXIA R series by Canon after R62. Canon being a reliable brand has always served its customers with promising gadgets. In recent years it has built a strong impression of world class camcorders with its VIXIA HF R series. The popularity of its previous versions, i.e. HF R52 then HF R62, already declares the reliability of this model.


The fundamental idea of launching Canon VIXIA HF R72 is to provide durable, lengthy recording. With its 32 GB internal storage and additional storage slots it can be expanded to make it a 160 GB memory device, which is enough for storing 12 hours of 1080p videos.

When compared to HF R62..

The difference in the basic features and video quality is negligible. Both feature 3.28 MP CMOS sensors, DIGIC 4 image processor and 32 GB internal memory.

What is better?

The entire interface is renewed aiming to make it even more user friendly and easy navigations. Your 3 inch touch screen display on R72 will look brighter allowing you a better vision in outdoor locations under sun. The menus are clearer and the icons look large. Everything in the entire interface is completely enhanced.


Along with the improved interface, a new feature Zoom Framing Assist has been introduced. This feature eliminates the need of zooming in and out manually whenever neat zooming is required. The zooming often leads to out-focusing the subject and misses the detailing but with Zoom Framing, you can zoom in and out spontaneously by simply tapping the icon on screen. Clear nifty zooming in one touch!

After this feature the next thing to look forward to, is the additional mode called Highlight Priority Mode that I find really cool. This mode enhances the HDR effect and the video looks like it has been recorded from an expensive high definition recorder.

The built-in Wifi and NFC is another feature to drool for. They allow easy sharing. And making HF R72 an even better investment is the Dual recording facility that it provides. Dual recording means you can have the video recorded in MP4 and AVCHD formats simultaneously and get both of them saved in the internal memory.

Long story cut short…

Though the video quality and other basic features remain the same, the Zoom Framing Assist and brighter display visibility definitely add to the attraction of this camcorder. Moreover the price is not changed hence it is worth a consideration over the less-featured R62. Professional camcorder reviews believe the R72 is a good model and I have come to the same conclusion.

Gel Mattresses?

One sleepless night may not be a big deal, but if it becomes a routine you will end up with serious health problems. I always find it very difficult to work the next day when I cannot sleep well at night. Studies have proven that sleepless nights are the reason for low energy levels throughout the day, health hazards in the form of headache and body pain and overall affect on your routine activities.

So, what do you do to have a sound sleep at night? Get the right kind of sleep gear, right! Among all the sleep gear a good mattress plays an important role in giving you the rest that you need while sleeping.

A gel foam mattress is such a mattress which is very soft and provides you the quality sleep that you have been lacking. The gel foam mattresses are designed to give support and comfort and solve many sleep related issues.


Gel mattresses do not trap heat like other mattresses. Trapped heat is not good for comfortable sleep. Gel mattresses provide that extra coolness that plays a catalyst for getting a good sleep at night. Built on open cell technology, gel mattresses promote air circulation and provide you with a cool temperature throughout the night.

Another advantage of gel mattresses is that it provides firm but comfortable surface for you to sleep. I always recommend that the sleeping surface should be firm and fits the body well rather than sinking deeply into the bed.

I tend to sleep sideways and that has caused several problems for me. A gel mattress gently cradles my body and helps to relax these pressure points. It is very important for your spinal cord to get maximum rest and align properly while you are sleeping. By sleeping on the gel mattresses, your spine is aligned properly and you get enough rest, your mornings are much fresher and you will feel rejuvenated and ready to go.


A gel mattress does not contain any toxic materials that can cause harm to your body. In fact, you will not find any harmful fillers used in a gel mattress. The highly durable, long lasting gel mattresses will only help you get a good night’s sleep that is essential for your body. Also, you don’t have to pay a huge amount for such a model, I think you can get good models for under $1000.

I know many doctors and physicians who recommend gel mattresses for patients suffering from neck pain and body pain. If you are concerned about your health and would love to get a good night’s sleep, then I believe you should never say NO to Gel Mattresses.

How do cyclonic vacuum cleaners work?

Ever since their existence, the vacuum cleaners have become an indispensable home appliance for most people, and it’s understandable why. Imagine the amount of effort we have to put while picking all the dust out of the carpet by hand! In recent times, vacuum cleaners have become a necessity. With their fast cleaning features and ability to clean every corner of the house or office, vacuum cleaners are one of the most useful home appliances.

Every other person in the world wishes to reduce his or her work and this appliance has proven itself by becoming the most common and effective in reducing the amount of time one has to put in cleaning. Over the recent years, they have transformed the cleaning ability of humans.

The cyclonic vacuum cleaners lack the dirt collecting bag available in traditional systems. Instead it sends the air stream through one or more cylinders followed by a high – speed spiral path. This results in a pressure difference, thus allowing the dust particles to pass through the pipe directly into the dust cap. The suction is created by an air pump called partial vacuum. Cyclonic action spins dust away from the filter so suction power remains strong. This is why cyclonic vacuums are considered the perfect choice for tile floors.

Initially, the air enters through the brush present at the bottom. The air enters the first stage and spins around the cyclone in the middle. The dirt particles eddy to the edge, fall downward and get collected at the bottom while the air is drawn up through holes in the cyclone itself. Then to some extent cleaner air passes into the second or upper stage. Here, a similar course of action happens but with multiple and lesser cyclones to makes sure that even the tiniest dirt particles are removed from the cleaning area. The moderately clean air passes through the HEPA filter. The air blows back into the room after fleeting through a second HEPA filter.


Why should we buy a cyclonic vacuum cleaner?

  • They remain operational for longer time with efficiency due to the presence of six stage filtration.
  • They possess a compact design which enables us to save our treasured space. These vacuum cleaners are ideal for the people who reside in small apartments.
  • The components of cyclonic vacuum cleaners can be easily removed, cleaned and replaced as well.
  • Availability in the translucent canister design is of a great help as we get to monitor the dust collection. Without opening the whole system you can check for the need to clean the filled collecting cup.

Hair dryer accessories that you should own



Hair dryers are an everyday tool. They dry hair and help to style them. But today’s hair dryers have much more service to offer than just drying. With some basic additional tools and accessories, you can make your hair dryer into an absolute styling gadget.  Here is a list of accessories that I think a girl must own to get best out of their hair dryer.



These have become a very common accessory that most hair dryers offer along in the package. But alas! Most people aren’t aware of its usage and benefits. Hence most diffusers end up in the box forever. The diffuser basically restricts the storm blow out and tames frizzes by reducing the intensity of the flow. It gives a slight lift to the hair and makes it appear voluminous.



They have similar function as a diffuser, i.e. they also lift up the style to create a voluminous appearance but while adding volume to hair these do not affect the hairstyle by stabilizing it. Picks are available in different types. For shorter hairs, short picks must be used and longer hairs must be treated with longer picks.


Drying cap bonnets

These are interesting accessories. They are simply like a cap with a hollow trunk, made up of soft elastic artificial cloth. They can be used to have hot oil treatments, heat treatments or deep conditionings at home. The bonnet is worn on head like wearing a cap and the hair dryer nozzle is attached to the trunk to supply the hot air. This lets you have hair spa at home.


Straightening attachments

These are newest kind of accessories and they come only with the best blow dryers. They let you straighten your hairs (of course) without an actual flat iron. So with this, your dryer becomes a flat iron whenever you need and hair dryer again. Does two tasks in one.


Nozzle Adapter

These are simply adapters that help you mix and match different nozzles to different and creative styling.


They come in different shapes and sizes and are basically to allow you control the heat flow more efficiently. With these you can direct the flow according to your need. Suppose you are up for some straight and shiny style then you can direct the flow from root to tip with a concentrator attached.





How to Take Care of Your Child Car Seats

Taking care of your car’s interior is very important. You need to understand the importance of keeping your car internally clean. A dirty interior will not only smell bad but can cause many health issues as well. Moreover, it will be bad for your reputation as a car owner. Nobody likes to sit in a messy car.

If you don’t take care of such car seats, then the classy look will vanish and you will have a big mess in the car. I always make it a point to clean my car seats once every fortnight. A proper care will not only make your car seats look good and new, but also increase the lifespan of your car seats.

Photo from csftl.org


My cleaning process starts with vacuuming the car to remove dust particles and other food particles scattered over by my kids. You can also use a soft and dry brush for cleaning areas where your vacuum cleaner is unable to reach. A good vacuum cleaner will be able to remove all the dirt and debris without causing any scratches or lint on the seat fabric. Once you are done with removing the dirt using a vacuum cleaner or a brush the next step is to use a mild cleansing lotion to clean the surface of the seat.



I always use a soft towel that is damp enough to clean the car seats. When cleaning your child car seats with a lotion, you need to make sure to use a quality cleaning solution preferably recommended by the car seat manufacturer. A cheap or poor quality cleaning solution can cause irreparable damages to your car seat and in most cases you will have to spend money on new car seats to replace the damaged ones. If your car seat is made up of fabric, then make use of a mild dish washer and soft brush to remove stains from the seat. Mixing the lotion and washing the seat with hot water also helps.



I always use a high quality conditioner to protect the car seats. I have seen many people using an economical conditioner and later paying the price for using a poor quality product. Based on reading multiple opinions, it is always recommended to use a good quality water-based conditioner that is pH balanced.

Buying a point and shoot camera in 2017

Gone are the days when people used to visit photography studios to get their special portfolios clicked to adorn their home and preserve the moments for ever. With each passing year cameras came with a promise of compactness and advanced photographic experience. Today every person you meet on street is a budding photographer though not a professional one. The current age belongs to point and shoot cameras popular due to easy operation, small size and ability to store countless images. There are still some suggestions to know about the features you can expect in an ideal point a shoot camera in year 2017.

Ease of access and use

Smaller, the better. It must be compact and easy in operation. A point and shoot camera is primarily for the novices and the hobbyists. So, they should away away from any complex camera. Otherwise they have to spend more time in getting acquainted the features and options rather than enjoying the shooting. Taking photographs must be a fun not an intricate task.


Automated features

It would be good if you select a compact camera with automated features like auto focus setting according to the place and condition. It must come loaded with all the essential operations in automated manner, to reduce your stress of setting up the camera correctly for impressive clicks.


Wide angle coverage  

Although a point and shoot camera is never meant to offer some sophisticated optical zoom as compared to the expensive ones; but a provision of wide-angle coverage must be checked for in the models you are short listing. The point and shoot camera must be equipped with a digital zoom feature and image stabilization.


Megapixels are all that you may think you need to care about to be able to capture high quality images. To an extent it is true but this feature has to be along with the above features to own a great point and shoot camera. If your sole purpose is to take 4/6 photos, anything with a resolution of above 6 or 8 megapixels will do.


Lightweight to carry

A bulky point and shoot camera with a good amount of weight will fail the purpose you are carrying it for i.e. comfort. You must be able to carry it along wherever you want.

So this is my checklist for choosing a good point and shoot camera. If you have not made yours, you can take help of these guidelines and enjoy great photo shoots forever. You can check for Canon, Panasonic and Sony models like Panasonic Lumix TZ80, Sony RX100 III and Canon PowerShot G7 X / G7 X II who have done great business in 2016. Hope for the same in the year 2017!