Buying a point and shoot camera in 2018

Gone are the days when people used to visit photography studios to get their special portfolios clicked to adorn their home and preserve the moments for ever. With each passing year cameras came with a promise of compactness and advanced photographic experience. Today every person you meet on street is a budding photographer though not a professional one. The current age belongs to point and shoot cameras popular due to easy operation, small size and ability to store countless images. There are still some suggestions to know about the features you can expect in an ideal point a shoot camera in year 2017.

Ease of access and use

Smaller, the better. It must be compact and easy in operation. A point and shoot camera is primarily for the novices and the hobbyists. So, they should away away from any complex camera. Otherwise they have to spend more time in getting acquainted the features and options rather than enjoying the shooting. Taking photographs must be a fun not an intricate task.


Automated features

It would be good if you select a compact camera with automated features like auto focus setting according to the place and condition. It must come loaded with all the essential operations in automated manner, to reduce your stress of setting up the camera correctly for impressive clicks.


Wide angle coverage  

Although a point and shoot camera is never meant to offer some sophisticated optical zoom as compared to the expensive ones; but a provision of wide-angle coverage must be checked for in the models you are short listing. The point and shoot camera must be equipped with a digital zoom feature and image stabilization.


Megapixels are all that you may think you need to care about to be able to capture high quality images. To an extent it is true but this feature has to be along with the above features to own a great point and shoot camera. If your sole purpose is to take 4/6 photos, anything with a resolution of above 6 or 8 megapixels will do.


Lightweight to carry

A bulky point and shoot camera with a good amount of weight will fail the purpose you are carrying it for i.e. comfort. You must be able to carry it along wherever you want.

So this is my checklist for choosing a good point and shoot camera. If you have not made yours, you can take help of these guidelines and enjoy great photo shoots forever. You can check for Canon, Panasonic and Sony models like Panasonic Lumix TZ80, Sony RX100 III and Canon PowerShot G7 X / G7 X II who have done great business in 2017. Hope for the same in the year 2018.