The Canon VIXIA HF R72 Camcorder – First Impressions

The Canon VIXIA HF R72 is the higher (and latest) version of VIXIA R series by Canon after R62. Canon being a reliable brand has always served its customers with promising gadgets. In recent years it has built a strong impression of world class camcorders with its VIXIA HF R series. The popularity of its previous versions, i.e. HF R52 then HF R62, already declares the reliability of this model.


The fundamental idea of launching Canon VIXIA HF R72 is to provide durable, lengthy recording. With its 32 GB internal storage and additional storage slots it can be expanded to make it a 160 GB memory device, which is enough for storing 12 hours of 1080p videos.

When compared to HF R62..

The difference in the basic features and video quality is negligible. Both feature 3.28 MP CMOS sensors, DIGIC 4 image processor and 32 GB internal memory.

What is better?

The entire interface is renewed aiming to make it even more user friendly and easy navigations. Your 3 inch touch screen display on R72 will look brighter allowing you a better vision in outdoor locations under sun. The menus are clearer and the icons look large. Everything in the entire interface is completely enhanced.


Along with the improved interface, a new feature Zoom Framing Assist has been introduced. This feature eliminates the need of zooming in and out manually whenever neat zooming is required. The zooming often leads to out-focusing the subject and misses the detailing but with Zoom Framing, you can zoom in and out spontaneously by simply tapping the icon on screen. Clear nifty zooming in one touch!

After this feature the next thing to look forward to, is the additional mode called Highlight Priority Mode that I find really cool. This mode enhances the HDR effect and the video looks like it has been recorded from an expensive high definition recorder.

The built-in Wifi and NFC is another feature to drool for. They allow easy sharing. And making HF R72 an even better investment is the Dual recording facility that it provides. Dual recording means you can have the video recorded in MP4 and AVCHD formats simultaneously and get both of them saved in the internal memory.

Long story cut short…

Though the video quality and other basic features remain the same, the Zoom Framing Assist and brighter display visibility definitely add to the attraction of this camcorder. Moreover the price is not changed hence it is worth a consideration over the less-featured R62.