Don’t know how to use a radar detector?

A radar detector is simply a radio wave receiving device (receiver) that is set on the same frequency as of a police radar gun, so that it receives only the waves from radar guns and nowhere else. It receives the radar gun’s signal and then alarms you to slow down before being caught. This is the fundamental mechanism of a radar detector.  Seems easy? But it’s actually not, for many people.


A radar detector can be very useful if you know how to use it, but on the same hand it can also be very harmful if don’t. Here is a quick guide for all you beginners, to help you learn to get all the benefits from a radar detector.


First thing that I would like to suggest you is to buy only a quality radar detector. Your radar detector must be sensitive only for radar gun’s signals and not for all the other waves in the atmosphere out there. Moreover, a good radar detector must be sensitive enough to locate signals from little farther and not just alarm you when the traffic cops are right in front of you.


My second advice is to mount the radar in a proper position. Avoid mounting it too high and try mounting it under some shade. Usually the cops point radar guns at the front license plate or headlamps. So mount the detector somewhere in that line for efficient detection.

When to depend on it and when to not

As you use a radar detector, it is very important to remain alert and also use it smartly. Remember, a radar detector only detects and alarms, that’s it. After which everything is up to you.

Depend on a radar detector only when you are moving in a decent traffic and there are enough vehicles around. In such situations the radar detects the speed but it takes a while for them to determine the vehicle. In this case you get enough time to slow down.


However if your are driving in negligible traffic and you are at easily sight-able position, then it is prudent to drive in the limit and not depend on radar detector because the police radar guns will detect and catch you easily and quickly without giving time to your detector raise a second to alarm.

Merely plugging in the detector to achieve immunity is stupid. It is important understand the mechanism of a radar detector, it’s power, and combining it with smart and logical driving is something that will save you from tickets.