How to find a cheap GPS unit?

GPS units are one of the most useful car gadgets that I think every car owner must install in his most cherished driving vehicle. They not only make driving convenient but also ensure safety in certain subtle ways.

I am writing this piece with some advices and suggestions on buying the best GPS units without spending exaggeratingly.

The cost of GPSs’ range between $100 for basic models to $900 and more for real high-end GPS units. However one must wisely spend money strictly according to the requirements and not on the basis of how the salesperson impresses you. If you don’t drive too much or too far, then you may go for a basic model with a few fundamental features. You can also look for used GPS units.

If you are interested to see which are the best GPS units in 2017 here are some suggestions of quality models in the low-end line:

Tom Tom Go 50 : One of the most affordable basic models (costs just $79.50) under the reliable name of Tom Tom brands’ Go series, this model features a 5 inch decent screen with a preloaded US map and lifetime map update at again an affordable monthly fees. It comes with a three month free trial traffic update, after which you may buy them on a cheap monthly fees.


Garmin Nuvi 57 : The second most affordable yet standard quality GPS model, is best for the fundamental users wishing for no extra frills.  Garmin being a reliable brand always offers best products at the deserving prices. The Nuvi series is already very popular and at just $95, this Nuvi entry level model features preloaded maps of 49 lower US states. However, it lacks lifetime map update feature and you’ll require buying it every year.


Tom Tom Go 50 S : The higher version of Go 50, Tom Tom Go 50 S, is available at an affordable price of  $99. At this affordable cost, it offers preloaded maps of the entire North America and also includes free maps and traffic updates for life time, which makes it best in its range. Moreover it also offers a 3D map facility as well which helps you determine the height of the surrounding landmarks.


The only con of all the above models is that they don’t possess features of best GPS units out there. But that is fair enough as well because these are strictly under budget and feature solid quality basics.